• Pre Medical Consultation

    Facilitating pre consulting prior to arrival of patient in India

  • Medical Visa Assistance

    Visa assistance provided by obtaining letter from the hospitals

  • Travel Arrangement

    Pre travel arrangements including flight booking and money transfer to India

  • Arrival & Departure care

    Meet and greet services on arrival to India

  • Accommodation Planning

    5Accommodation based on patients and accompanying persons budget.etc..

  • Local Transportation Services

    Local travel arrangements including limousine rentals

  • Consultation

    Facilitating consultation with medical expertsp>

  • Hospital Admission

    Arranging patient admission in the best of hospital

  • Laboratory & Testing services

    Arrangement of laboratory testing facilities (Scan, x-ray, etc.,)

  • Daily Care

    Daily checks on patients by Fortuna Expert Medical Team

  • Private Duty Nursing

    Providing private nursing on request

  • Pre Surgery Arrangements

    Arrangements for surgery/biopsy/treatments as and when required

  • Transportation to Hospital

    Daily transportation of patients to hospital for routine checks

  • Culinary Services

    Arrangement on local cuisine or choice of cuisine as per the requirement including provision of dedicated cook

  • Routine checkup

    Routine post surgery checkups by Fortuna’s dedicated medical team

  • Translation Services

    Providing interpreter/translators…………

  • Pharma care

    Arrangement to buy medicine whenever required

  • Blood Bank

    Prompt assistance on blood donation in case of emergency

  • Post Surgery Assistance

    Providing post surgery requirements assistance such as wheel chair, arm chair,

  • Optic Service

    Providing high class optic services………..

  • Sample Collection

    Collection of blood, urine, motion samples from accommodation

  • Specialized Equipments

    Providing physiotherapist specialized equipments for post surgery treatments in the accommodation

  • Sample Collection

    Collection of blood, urine, motion samples from accommodation

  • Ambulance

    Providing ambulance assistance……….